InvArch: Intellectual property in the blockchain space

Iyiolapo Odeneye Oluwaseun
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Hey there Cryptalien, Otto11 here, and I trust you are good?

Well, I’m super glad that you are today because gradually the world is moving from the point of “what ifs” to “happenings and possibilities”.

And while we are learning and understanding the blockchain in other to better adjust we will be dissecting InvArch and discussing sub-topics like…

1). Digital currencies.
2). NFTs and it’s components.
3). What is InvArch?
4). Digital properties, Copyrights, and the Blockchain space.
5). Intellectual Sets.

Digital Currencies;

Digital currencies are assets that are mostly used in the cybersphere, It generally has and does the same thing that physical cash does but the obvious difference is it is only on the internet.

With the growth and the somewhat evolution of digital currency, we have systematically advanced to the stage of Store of Value assets like Bitcoin, InvArch, NFTs and so many more.

NFTs and it’s Components;

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, they’re simply digital arts on the Blockchain.

The word Non-Fungible means, Uniqueness and Non-interchangeable.

It has given all types of Artists the ability to exhibit or trade their projects on the Blockchain.

A very good example to help give an idea of what an NFT is would be the “Satan shoes” by Lil Nas X.

The shoes are limited, and that makes them expensive and as is the shoe if you ever find those shoes again on the market they’d be higher than their initial market price maybe even 2 times more, which highlights on one of the components of NFTs known as the rarity part.

Here they are below…


Curated Marketplaces.

While we have just discussed cryptocurrency and NFTs, Now let’s discuss InvArch.


What is InvArch?

It is a network for intellectual property tokenization and decentralized development.

This means the aim of InvArch is to help make innovation flourish, how this would happen is that it creates a protocol that bridges the gap between ideas and
creation; connecting a world of thinkers, creators, and finance under one ecosystem, allowing innovation to flourish.

This is achieved through the tokenization of ideas, fractionalizing their ownership, and
providing a secure and transparent ecosystem where users can connect, collaborate, and form

Digital Properties, Copyrights, and the Blockchain space-
In order to better understand these let us define each individually.

Digital Properties-

They are digital information or data that are on the internet, these properties may sometimes be Accounts, Intellectual Properties, NFTs, and many more.


They are the legal rights, given to the originator of creative work.

These rights give the creator of such works or intellectual property the ability to decide who is allowed to copy or create something similar Thiers (the original.

… the Blockchain Space-

There have been clear cases of Web 2.0 applications stealing and trading sensitive information, this is done without the owner’s prior knowledge and has been known to consequently attract lawsuits.
With this factor being one of the clear recurring problems on 2.0, Web 3.0 applications have been launched and applications have become more intuitive, decentralized, and much safer.

Understanding Intellectual Property Sets and how to earn.

There are 2 common subsets of IP sets ;

(a). Intellectual Property Tokens. [IPT]. :

Like Non-fungible Tokens, IPTs would serve as a component representative of Intellectual property on the InvArch blockchain.

Similar to what was earlier said about Digital Properties and Copyrights.

(b). Intellectual Property Ownership. [IPO]. :

With IPOs, it is similar to Copyrights but in its own case they IPOs, the Co-founders aren’t allowed to have more tokens than the Founder.

Founders are the actual owners and Co-founders are the users with stakes in the project.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this…

  • In earning on InvArch its ecosystem is designed in such a way that the original Creator/Founder earns and there isn’t any form of foul play.
  • Another is that the Co-founders can work together as blockchain governance protocols do, in the case of InvArch though they can vote, make proposals, and so on.



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