Hi there , Otto11 here and I’ve got some juicy updates from Defibox/NewDex and the ever wonderous cryptosphere.


It’s been one hell of a ride for Bitcoin, from BTC’s lowest of the low earlier this year to a new all time high in the same year

Its earned it iconic moment of slow clap and nod.

Bitcoin Logic :

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II announced on his social media platform (Instagram) that he just purchased $6million worth of Bitcoin last month , well I’d personally like to say congratulations and with the bull run in November I can only imagine the amount in his wallet wooohooo!!!

that’s some good investing…

He’s definitely in for a ride and he’s also announced via Twitter that he be addressed as “Bobby Bitcoin”…well, sweet.

Game of Coins :

Arya Stark seems to be a major player in every game she is in and from the thrones and then to Bitcoin , after she posted a question on her media page seeking guidiance on weather to go long or not on the “King coin” (oh , I meant Bitcoin…haha!!).

Any hoo- as it stands it’s safe to say Maisie Williams and the second wealthiest man in Mexico now have a thing in common.

_but a girl’s got BITCOIN.


There’s been a lot happening for Defibox , from your favorite DEX token “Box” being listed on Okex and many more and more.

Before the recently released announcement about thier joint plan with Newdex to lock up 285,000 BOX that is approximately 5.7% of the total BOX amount.

Defibox has recently released an on-chain oracle the swap mining contract to is to simply help determine the actual and accurate value assets (EOS).

I’d love to talk more a bit about oracle’s but hopefully in another piece.



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