GAMYFI: A Quick Recap.

Hello there Crypto-Sapien, It’s a new year, trust the holidays were beautiful?


Last time, I introduced a #Gem called Gamyfi ($GFX) to you guys and we talked briefly about some of its properties and solutions it brings, catchup here.

Since it’s a new year, I thought we’d start easy and give you guys an update on the development of the GamyFi platform, its ecosystem, and also about its native token, $GFX.

Gamyfi has brought a new meaning to blockchain gaming, like the saying “slow and steady wins the race” the team understands that it’s not about being hasty to build a project but rather with great planning, solid foundation, and execution, building a lasting platform that can stand the everlasting test of time.

While still staying true to its roadmap, Gamyfi has also launched the V2 of its NFT battle royale in September.

Plus partnerships with projects like OpenDao, Clover, and Genesis Shards to name a few.

Easing into its stride is another big event that happened as we neared the end of the eventful year, the launch of liquidity mining and NFT marketplace from 2021.

Okay, I admit it’s perhaps too early to start expecting anything (‘cos we do know these guys aren’t robots rights? right!)

But in the near future however we can be sure to expect a Gamyfi application and also an analytics and explorer.

And since the World cup is coming later in 2022, I think it’ll be a great way to familiarize more people to Gamyfi.

It’ll definitely be one of the big highlights of 2023, where users will get to make predictions of Thiers favourite teams as probable winners.

Well, I sure can’t wait though…

Happy new year everyone, and have a good one.



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